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Sustainable Sri Lanka was founded by a team of like-minded people in Sri Lanka, all with a common goal, and committed to a sustainable future for Sri Lanka. We are seen as thought leaders in Sustainability with a focus on the unique characteristics and challenges we face in Sri Lanka. We work to advance international industry standards and frameworks with a view to helping Sri Lankan companies comply and compete at an international level.

Miguel Cunat

Senior Sustainability Consultant and Entrepreneur

Miguel is a partner at Sustainable Sri Lanka, a senior sustainability consultant and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building innovative travel and sustainable tourism businesses. His expertise includes business start-ups; experiential upmarket tourism; tourism digital marketing; brand strategy; product development and design... ;management consulting; tourism mergers & acquisitions; board roles. Miguel is currently acting as the Heritage Trail advisor for the EU-funded Tourism Resilience Project team with the development of heritage trails in Sri Lanka, namely the PEKOE Trail - Sri Lanka's first long-distance hiking trail - as part of the Serendipity Trails family.

Chinthana Duminduhewa

Senior Consultant in Sustainability and Tourism.

Chinthana Duminduhewa is the founder and CEO of The Yala Adventure Hotel and Responsible Education and Development Guarantee Ltd. He is an expert and practitioner in the fields of tourism and sustainable development. He has held a number of positions at the international level, including Lead Trainer for the GSTC- Global ... Sustainable Tourism Council, Country Coordinator for Green Destinations, and Actively sharing his professional knowledge as a Visiting Lecturer at state universities such as Colombo University, Open University, and many private universities in Sri Lanka. He is a performer in his academic practices as well as a pioneer of sustainability innovation in Sri Lanka's tourism sector. He has published various important studies and holds master's degrees in tourism economics and hospitality management. With a sustainable strategy and widespread respect for what he does, he made substantial contributions to Sri Lankan tourism.

Michael Dias

Senior Sustainability Consultant and Certification Specialist

Michael is a senior sustainability consultant as well as a partner and director at Sustainable Sri Lanka. Certified by GSTC, he is the go to person for all things related to sustainability certification. Michael has over 10 years experience in the tourism industry, having worked for many years for one of the leading DMCs in Sri Lanka. ... Michael’s contacts and familiarity with the operations of small hotels, tour operators and destinations put him in an ideal position to champion sustainability within the industry in Sri Lanka. He understands both the theory, but more importantly how to work with your organization to turn theory into practice. Michael is a very thorough and respected sustainability consultant and the person to contact if you want to pursue recognized certification.

Irstel Jansen

Child Protection Consultant and Social Entrepreneur

Irstel is a partner at Sustainable Sri Lanka, a consultant in Child Protection and a social entrepreneur. She is certified in Children’s Rights and Child Protection from Harvard University and delivers training in child protection to different stakeholders in the tourism industry in Sri Lanka, ... and International Organisations like the UN Agency for Migration, IOM. She advises on child protection safe guarding policies and procedures for the public and private sector and has over 10 years of working experience in the travel industry in Sri Lanka. Irstel is a qualified educator in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) from the Green School in Bali and the founder of Kola Sri Lanka, an initiative which aims to empower the youth in Sri Lanka through educational programs and activities to advocate for a more sustainable future.

Aaron Russel Davidson

Sustainable Governance and Strategy Consultant

Aaron is the chairman of Soft logic Finance and partner at Sustainable Sri Lanka. He has over 20 years of experience in international finance having previously worked for Standard Chartered Bank Singapore as the Global Head of Debt Capital Markets. ... Aaron's interest in cinnamon cultivation and supporting local small-scale farmers let him found the Ceylon Cinnamon Corporation in Sri Lanka which works with local communities and strives to provide fair, community focussed production. He is also the managing director of Silk Road, a corporate advisory and investment firm in Sri Lanka which provides solutions for businesses with an interest in investing sustainably in Sri Lanka.

Nushani Dias

Social Media and Marketing Consultant

Nushani is a Social media and Marketing consultant and is the Director and the Head of Marketing of Ceylon Tours. She has over 13 years of working experience as a marketing professional in the travel industry in Sri Lanka and has contributed to various sustainability projects throughout the years. ... Her expertise lies in the design and the implementation of social media strategies for private sector companies in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka. Nushani's passion for animals and nature let her to co-manage the non profit organisation Cat Protection Trust Sri Lanka in her free time.

our trainers and collaborators

Chinthana Duminduhewa

GSTC Lead Trainer

Irstel Jansen

Trainer in Child Protection and Education for Sustainable Development

Miguel Cunat

Sustainability Consultant and Entrepreneur

Rachel Chanmugam

Trainer in Education for Sustainable Development

Chalana Perera

Hospitality Consultant and Founder of Retrace

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